Steel Cog Gaseous 4: Knives of the Expats 9/19/20

September 19th, 2020 Zulu, NY.

The fourth part to BAE’s Steel Cog series. A simple Green vs Tan scenario. TACSOP linked here.

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Broken Arrow Events is putting on another Green vs Tan event continuing their Steel Cog series.

After Wolfhound successfully liberated Chingolia from the Sons of the Silent Age, Flaccid Snake retreated with what was left of his army to an unknown refuge. The African island of Panzybar is suspected to be holding members of SOSA but is the known home of Crystal Cats Mercenary Company. A Wolfhound task force is about to be dispatched to the region.

Faction Uniforms:
Wolfhound MilShit Group – Tan Uniform
An international unit comprising of special operators from all over. Tasked with hunting down terrorist organizations like Black Cerberus and SOSA.

Crystal Cats Mercenary Company – Black Uniform
A small mercenary company that locates themselves in the midst of global conflicts, hoping to take advantage of the situation to line their pockets.

The Sons of the Silent Age – Green Uniform
Also referred to as SOSA, a small remnant force of Flaccid Snake’s army. They have tried to build a nation of their own.

Please Note: Refunds will no longer be available ONE week before the event date. There will be exceptions for active military members or law enforcement officers. A $5 field admin fee in addition to admission will be charged to any walk-ons upon the day of their arrival.

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Sons of the Silent Age (Green), Wolfhound (Tan and Civilian), Crystal Cats Mercenary Company (Black)