November 30th, 2019 \ Zulu 24, NY.

The third part to BAE’s Operation Fallen Petal series now called Steel Cog. A simple Green vs Tan scenario. TACSOP linked here.


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Broken Arrow Events is putting on another Green vs Tan event continuing their Fallen Petal series. The name of the series has changed to Steel Cog but the zany story-line is still there. We follow Flaccid Snake again, and try to stop him.

With the defeat of Black Cerberus and the Flaccid Snake that was killed only being a decoy, Task Force Griffin was dissolved. The international unit was reorganized into a new group called Wolfhound and was tasked with countering any future incidents brought on by entities like Flaccid Snake’s Nation Without Borders established in the Fall of 2018 or Black Cerberus operations in Turdmekistan during the Spring of 2019..

During the summer, Flaccid Snake was able to establish a new bastion with the remnants of Black Cerberus somewhere in the mountainous steppes of Chingolia. His group, now called The Sons of the Silent Age got to work right away. Rumors of cloning experiments and weapons development have shined a spotlight from the international community on his base of operations though.

It looks like Wolfhound will be sent on its first mission. The Sons of the Silent Age will be prepared this time.

Faction Uniforms:
Wolfhound – Tan or PMC uniforms (No black or green)
An international unit comprising of special operators from all over. Tasked with hunting down terrorist organizations like Black Cerberus and SOSA.

The Sons of the Silent Age – Green or Black uniforms
Also referred to as SOSA, a large mercenary outfit led by Flaccid Snake. They have tried to build a nation of their own.

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Sons of the Silent Age (Green and Black), Wolfhound (Tan and Civilian)