Ragnarokkr 3: Insurgency

October 9th, 2019 Ground Zero Airsoft, CT.

Broken Arrow Event’s premier Modern MilSim Event.
Rules and uniform standards are here TACSOP.

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This event is different than the standard milsim events out there. It’s designed in a way that is similar to how we run our Vietnam events. With this type of experience, there is more to it than just shooting each other. We are looking to put participants through challenging scenarios and a bit of a reality check.
The third iteration of the Ragnarokkr Series. After our successful reboot we are excited to have another event based on the Volkland Civil War. The fictional country and world we’ve created has a rich history and timeline of details that should help immerse people into the event. We chose to use a fictional country’s military as the side participants will be joining. This way we will set a standardized uniform that can be met based on what gear most airsofters own.
Standards will be strict compared to our other events. Like it was mentioned earlier, this is going to be closer to our Vietnam styled events. Standards are posted in the TACSOP.
The story will be posted as the months progress. Stay tuned for a complete historical timeline on the nation of Volkland.
Please Note: Refunds will no longer be available ONE week before the event date. There will be exceptions for active military members or law enforcement officers. A $5 field admin fee in addition to admission will be charged to any walk-ons upon the day of their arrival. You will also not be guarantee’d any swag or giveaways.

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2nd Luftbarne Brigade (Woodland Uniform), VDF