BAE Podcast 11 – The BAE PodCast Come Correctmas Holiday Special

Broken Arrow Events
Broken Arrow Events
BAE Podcast 11 - The BAE PodCast Come Correctmas Holiday Special

This has to be the most ridiculous episode so far. The guest list is amazing; Roman, Chris Johnson and Joe Sully (pops on). We talk about our last two events, Steel Cog 3 and Operation Watch on the Rhine. Kasey terrorizes the podcast worse than Rufio ever has. Then the fellas get jolly with Correctmas. A special segment of Bae of BAEs called, Baes on Baes where Kasey interviews Anya, Roman’s bae. Herbert and Mr. Come Correct sing us a few Christmas Carols. Make sure you listen through to the end, we have a some bloopers and holiday wishes from a few people we love.

We talk about:
-Special Soviet Intro: :23
-Steel 3 Cog: Daughters of Oppression Review: 01:40
-Operation Watch on the Rhine Review: 19:28
-Website Face Lift (Mike drops a bomb): 30:18
-Nam Events On Sale: 31:18
-Baes on Baes: 33:14
-Correctmas Time: 51:15
-Wish List Recommendations for New Airsofters: 53:08
-What do the Boys Want for Correctmas?: 1:05:50
-Christmas in Vietnam Event: 1:11:41
-Favorite Period Correct Christmas Song: 1:13:36
-Shopping for the Reenactor: 01:18:23
-Broken Arrow Events Year End: 1:28:39
-PodCast Tweaks: 1:59:56
-Episode Bloopers: 2:03:17
-Holiday Wishes: 2:05:26

Links to things we talked about:
Steel Cog 3: Daughters of Oppression
Operation Watch on the Rhine
Operation Cochise Green Event Page
Battle of Kham Duc Event Page

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BAE Podcast #11 – Released 12/17/19