Civilian Incentive Program

Face it, milsim airsoft and historical re-enactments are just other forms of LARPing. The Civilian Incentive Program has been designed to usher another facet into our events for dedicated Role-Players who would like to attend but aren’t interested in the pew pew aspect so much. Or, they would like to experience our immersive Vietnam era events but aren’t quite ready to invest in all of the correct equipment yet.

These roles will vary from event to event. For instance, our Ragnarokkr series would need a Combat Reporter/Press or a Refugee. Our Vietnam War series would welcome villagers, monks, vendors and farmers. These roles would all be non-combat characters to further the immersion of the event.

Your character will be written by staff and will be meant to enhance the overall experience. You will be given an organic script or guide on how to react to situations put forth by game players and you will be rewarded for your participation with event specific rewards and/or free tickets to future events!

The important part to understand is that you will still be experiencing the same immersion from the event as the other attendees, just without a weapon in your hand. Want to emulate a Vietnamese monk? Then we will build the scenario for you to walk in his shoes, or sandals in this case.

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The Incentive:

At our larger events you will receive any SWAG that is being given away as you would be as an attendee. Also, this year we will be offering a FREE ticket to any of our ONE-DAY events for airsoft players. You will receive a certificate at the event you attended as a CIP. Then you will redeem the certificate at the event you wish to attend for free.

Not interested in a free event? If you are a LARPer or have no interest in airsoft, we will be offering t-shirt choices based on the event.